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Posted by Steven Prayugo in

Hello, there is no comic for today ! Because I need to optimize this comic and this webcomic template. Just look at the previous comic, isn't are the comic is too small !? I need to fix it just like MegaRio Episode 11. Episode 11 have a excelent size. So, please understand about this announcement. I do this because I care with my comic reader (Yeah, that's you !). When I'm done with this, I will post the new comic again. Thank you very much !

Steven Prayugo a.k.a Bulld0g95

NB: Hey, you can send your opinion, too ! Just send me an email to gamer.bulld0g95@gmail.com or even send me a chat at gamer_stevenxx@ymail.com in Yahoo! Messenger, too. Thank you very much !


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